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Create Return Merchandise Authorization

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is a return transaction for Invoiced order, for item(s) that have been returned back from customer in exchange for refund or replacement once confirmed.

  • Using Newegg Return Service and/or Shipped by Newegg Service all requested RMA’s from customers will be handled by Newegg team.
  • For the refund requests of Newegg global orders shipped by NISP (Newegg International Shipping Program), Newegg will issue the full refund of the shipping charge, domestic shipping to Newegg fulfillment center (if any)+ international shipping, to customer when the following reasons was selected:
    • Carrier damage
    • Carrier Return
    • Claim damage
    • Concealed damage
    • Defective
    • Not match what we show
    • Product dissatisfaction
    • Sent wrong item
    • Unauthorized purchase

Available Platform: Newegg.com, Neweggbusiness.com, Newegg.ca


  1. Seller Portal > Manage Order > Order List > Click SEARCH to view order.  See View Order for more details.
  2. Select order. Click under the order’s Action and select Create Return Request.
  3. Issue Return Request: 
    • [Optional]  Provide a seller RMA number for customer RMA processing, the seller RMA number will be attached with Newegg Marketplace RMA request for reference.
    • Select a Return Type either Refund or Replacement.
    • Selecting Send Return Instructions will send emailed instructions to the customer for returning item(s) back, based on return policy of seller’s account.
      • If merchandise is not required back from the customer then unselect Send Return Instructions and select Proceed with Issue Return Refund (only applicable for Refund).
    • Select Return Reason for either Return or Replacement of item.
    • Refund, enter the amounts that will be refunded to customer.
    • Or Replacement,  Newegg will notice the fulfillable quantity of item to be replaced, enter in the quantity that will be returned to the customer.
    • [Optional] Enter a memo.
    • Click SUBMIT RETURN REQUEST, Newegg system will generate RMA with a specific number and will have a default status of Open.
  4. See Confirm Return Merchandise Authorization to finalize RMA.
Updated on July 1, 2019

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