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Manage Post Purchase Email (Enterprise Sellers)

Personalized Post Purchase Email will be available exclusively to Enterprise sellers, this feature allows sellers to target specific customers, driving brand engagement and return business. Features include audience segmentation, curated email templates, and scheduled email sends. This is a great opportunity to further engage customers to upsell and cross-sell using our post-purchase email strategy.

There are 4 pre-designed templates available to create email messages. Available templates including:

  • Early Access Offer (Autopopulate Top 4 Items)
  • Existing Promo Code (Custom Item)
  • Existing Promo Code Store Wide
  • Popular Products (Custom Multi-Item)

Available platform: Newegg.com


  1. Seller Portal > Manage Message > Post Purchase Email
    • Select the email template, go to step 2
    • Define campaign details, go to step 3
    • View existing email, go to step 4
  2. Select the email template:
    • Click CREATE NEW to get started. 
    • Select one of the pre-defined templates. Enter all applicable information.
    • [Optional] click TEST EMAIL to view the post purchase email that was created.
    • Click NEXT to define the campaign details.
  3. Define campaign details:
    • Input a campaign name, the customer won’t see this, this is for managing purposes.
    • Newegg will specify the recipients from the seller’s account order history. Select all applicable information.  Click REFRESH to identify matched recipients.
    • Customize the sending schedule for post purchase email.
      • Send Now to send messages immediately.
      • Schedule Send to schedule messages to be sent at a preferred date/send time.
    • Click SEND to send post purchase email.
  4. View existing email:
    • Click SEARCH to view sent and/or drafted emails.
    • Click the icon under the Action column to edit or work on saved drafted email.

Please contact our Newegg Marketing team for additional support for onsite promotion.

Updated on June 1, 2021

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