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Release brand new products with pre-order campaigns in Newegg Marketplace. Pre-order campaigns are designed for customers who are interested and making purchases before release to the general public.

Newegg processes pre-orders in the following: Accept pre-orders from customers > Convert pre-orders to regular sales orders for sellers to process > Complete pre-order campaign.

Items created in Used or Refurbished condition are not applicable for pre-order campaigns.

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Getting started:

Available platform:,,

Create Item

In order to start a pre-order campaign, the item(s) for pre-order should be created in the seller store.


  1. Seller Portal > Manage Item
  2. For a single item creation go to Item Creation, review Create New Item for details.
  3. For creating item(s) by batch go to Batch Item Creation/Update, review Batch Create New Items for details. 

Request Items for Pre-order Campaign

After creating items for pre-order, send a request to Newegg Marketplace to create a pre-order campaign.


  1. Notify Newegg Marketplace category manager for setting up pre-order campaigns. Or email Newegg Marketplace Integration team.
  2. Include the following information in the request:
    • Start Time: The schedule when a pre-order campaign starts.
    • Release Time: The schedule when the product is ready to be released for the general public.
    • Order Converting Time: Newegg system will start to convert pre-order to regular orders.
      • By default, the order converting time is 24 hours BEFORE the Release Time.
      • Or request a different convert time schedule, please specify.
    • The Total Available Inventory for Pre-order (Max. Quantity): The total inventory quantity available for customers to purchase during the pre-order campaign period.
    • The Total Order Quantity for Each Customer (Limit Quantity): The maximum purchase allowance for each customer in 48 hours.
  3. Once the pre-order campaign has been created and active, Newegg will display at the product page a special product detail page for customers to place pre-orders.


Viewing Items Approved for Pre-order Campaign

In Newegg Seller Portal, items that have been approved for pre-order will have an icon as seen below.

Pre-order icon


  1. Seller Portal > Manage Item > Item List
  2. [Optional] Click ADVANCED SEARCH and enable checkbox Pre-Order Activated.
  3. Click SEARCH to view the list.  Under the Status column, the pre-order icon will be displayed for applicable item(s).

View/Convert/Void Pre-orders

When customers purchased pre-order items, a pending pre-order will be created with a unique number, similar to a regular order number. Seller’s can their incoming pre-orders in Newegg Seller Portal.

Newegg system will start converting pending pre-orders to regular sales orders at the Order Converting Time as scheduled. All pre-orders will be carefully verified by Newegg during the converting process. Newegg will void a pre-order if the verification was failed. Newegg will not notify the seller when a pre-order is void, other than recording the order as Void in Pre-order List. No further action is necessary.

Pre-order Status:

  • Pending: The default status when a pre-order is placed.
  • Void: Pre-order was canceled by either customer or seller.
  • Converted: When a pre-order has been converted to a regular sales order.


  1. Seller Portal > Manage Order > Pre-order List > click SEARCH to view pre-order list.
  2. Newegg display’s status for each pre-order: Pending, Void, or Converted.  Click accordingly into the order Pre-order Number to view Pre-order Detail.  Note:
    • Pending status, the option to void it is available.
      • Single request > Click VOID PRE-ORDER at pre-order details.
      • Batch request > select all pre-orders and confirm option is Batch void Pre-orders then click GO.
    • Converted status, convert time reached, Newegg will convert Pending pre-order to Converted and it will be released to Order List as Unshipped order for normal order processing.

Pre-order Campaign Completed

Newegg system will complete a pre-order campaign at the Release Time as scheduled. If inventory available, all pre-order items will be available for customers to make regular purchases.

  1. Seller Portal > Manage Items > Items List. The completed pre-order in the item list, the pre-order icon will be removed.
  2. At the product page, PRE-ORDER button will transition to one of the following.
    • Add to Cart: When all available pre-orders are converted to regular orders. Or
    • Out of Stock: This will be displayed when there are pre-orders in pending status.
Updated on July 1, 2019

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