Setup Third-party Warranty by Batch

Provide a third-party warranty option for Refurbished or Used items by batch using a third-party warranty template.

  • Template: ThirdPartyWarranty feed

Available platform:,,


  1. Seller Portal > Batch Set/Update Third-party Warranty 
    • Downloading template, go to step 2
    • Updating template, go to step 3
    • Uploading template, go to step 4
    • Uploaded File Status and History, go to step 5
  2. Downloading template:
    • Download File Template tab selected.
    • Select Template File Type:
      • For new seller’s using data feed templates we recommend to use Microsoft Excel Format, it provides more information such as InstructionsBasic Item Info – Definitions, and/or Detail Item Info – Values sheets.
    • Leave Industry, Category, and Manufacturer to ALL, so all items will be downloaded to the template.
    • By default the checkbox is checked Download template with your items populated in the file, do not uncheck.
    • Click DOWNLOAD FILE TEMPLATE to submit the request and prepare the template.
    • Download File Template Status and History:
      • By default, Newegg provides the last 3 days of downloads.  Adjust filter accordingly if checking for later days.
      • Click REFRESH LIST to refresh the Status of download. Periodically click to check status.
      • When Initial Status has changed to Completed under Download Link a link will be available. Click Download and save the template to local drive.
  3. Updating template:
    • Open template:
      • Highlighted do not update/modify the column and sheet names, doing so will cause the upload to fail.
      • Update the item(s) Third-party Warranty accordingly.
      • Please refer to the Instructions sheet for definitions, accepted value, and requirements.
      • Save file.
  4. Uploading template:
    • Upload File tab selected.
    • Click Select files… to upload the file from local drive.
    • Click UPLOAD FILES.
  5. Uploaded File Status and History:
    • Upload File tab selected under Uploaded File Status and History to check.
    • By default, Newegg provides the last 3 days of upload.  Adjust filter accordingly if checking for later days.
    • Periodically click REFRESH LIST to update Status.
    • Status with Completed, Failed, or Completed with errors notices the upload has completed.  Click View Details to check the reason for failed/error.
Updated on July 1, 2019

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