View Customer Rating Report

Customer rating report contains all the reviews and ratings about the seller’s store.  Egg rating (between 1-5 eggs) – the higher the rating, the higher the quality of the product as perceived by customers.

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  1. Seller portal > Business Report > Customer Rating Report
  2. By default, the search filter will be for all reviews/ratings.  Adjust it, if narrowing it down by Seller Part#, NE Item#, Order ID, and/or Date, click SEARCH to view the updated list.
  3. View customers reviews/ratings for orders within the last 30, 90, 180, 365, or All days with each corresponding egg ratings all to specific egg rating score.  Click the link to view details under View Rating Details sections.
    • Date: Reviewed date
    • Eggs: Review/rating seller received.
    • Comments: Purchased order experience that was written by the customer.
    • Action: To respond to comment, click RESPOND.
    • Order ID: The order in question logged in Order List.
    • Customer: Customer who purchased order.


Updated on July 1, 2019

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