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View Summary of Account

By default when sellers login to Seller Portal this is the landing page. Provides a summary of the account’s status, listed items, and sales. The information is refreshed every two hours.

Available platform: Newegg.com, Neweggbusiness.com, Newegg.ca


  1. Seller Portal > Business Report > Summary
  2. Summary – Daily Total:
    • Orders: The count of daily orders, not including voided order(s).
    • Units: The total number of ordered items.
    • Item Amount: The sum of selling prices of all items sold minus all discount.
    • Shipping Charge: The total shipping charges associate orders placed on Newegg. Please note: only SBS (Shipped by Seller) orders are included to calculate the shipping charge.
    • AOV: Average order value, AOV = (Item Amount + Shipping Charge) / Orders.
  3. Sales Report: Graph of Gross and Promotional Sales for each hour.
  4. Daily Top Items: Gross Amount, top items sold for the day. Selectable option, sort list by Amount or Units.
  5. Shipping: The number of unshipped orders for your account. Click on the number to go to Order List and view unshipped orders.
  6. Seller Performance:
    • Seller ID:  Seller’s ID number.
    • Seller Status: Activation of account.
    • Average Feedback: Feedback of seller’s account, click on Average Feedback to review the details of the Customer Rating Report.
    • Returns: Identify any open request for Return or Refund for invoiced orders. Click on number next to Open to review the details.
  7. Balance: Click on the number to view a summary of the account’s Payment Reports.
  8. Listing Details:
    • Total Items: Total item count, including both active and deactivated items.
    • Active Items:  Item count of active items.
    • Missing Image: Item count of items missing images.
    • Out of Stock: Item count of items that have 0 inventory.
Updated on July 1, 2019

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