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Batch Update International Price

International listing mirroring, this feature will mirror the USA selling price for each targeted country and upload the information to the price template.  Simply download the price template, review it, and upload it to update the international price.

Go to account settings to view enabled shipping countries at  Seller Portal > Manage Account > Shipping Settings to verify if your account is enabled to ship to other countries.

Available platform: Newegg.com


  1. Seller Portal > Manage Items > Batch Update Price
  2. Downloading template:
    1. Download File Template tab selected.
    2. Select Template File Type:
      • For new seller’s using data feed templates we recommend to use Microsoft Excel Format, it provides more information such as InstructionsBasic Item Info – Definitions, and/or Detail Item Info – Values sheets.
    3. Leave Industry, Category, and Manufacturer to ALL, so all items will be downloaded to the template.
    4. By default the checkbox is checked Download template with your items populated in the file, do not uncheck.
    5. IMPORTANT the checkbox should be checked, International Listing Mirroring.  Select a price rule & activation for international listings.
    6. Click DOWNLOAD FILE TEMPLATE to submit the request and prepare the template.
    7. Download File Template Status and History:
      • By default, the Date field, Newegg provides the last 3 days of download.  Adjust the filter accordingly.
      • Click REFRESH LIST to refresh the Status of download.
      • When Initial Status has changed to Completed under Download Link a link will be available. Click Download and save the template to local drive.
  3. Review template:
    • Open template:
      • Notice the USA price has been set for each targeted country and if price rule such as percentage above the USA selling price was selected it will be adjusted accordingly.
      • For international SKUs, do not leave the selling price blank, it defaults to 99999.00.
  4. Uploading template:
    1. Upload File tab selected.
    2. Click Select files… to upload the file from local drive.
    3. Click UPLOAD FILES.
  5. Uploaded File Status and History:
    1. Upload File tab selected.
    2. By default, the Date field, Newegg provides the last 3 days of upload.  Adjust the filter accordingly.
    3. Click REFRESH LIST to check the Status of upload.
    4. Status with CompletedFailed, or Completed with errors, click View Details to check the reason for failed/error.
Updated on September 2, 2021

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