Create Sponsored Video

Sponsored Video use keyword targeting to match a customer’s search query with your single relevant sponsored product with an auto-playing video in the search results page.

Available platforms:,


  1. Seller Portal > Advertising > Sponsored Ads
  2. Click Create Campaign
  3. Select Sponsored Video
  4. Create Campaign: Enter the campaign name, campaign date, and budget.
  5. Add Product: Search and select one product that will use for the video campaign.
  6. Add Video: Upload the video.
  7. Set Bid: Select targeting type and enter the bid amount. All settings are completed, click Save and submit the campaign.
  8. Campaign List: The created campaign will be listed in the campaign list.
  9. Sponsored Video Approval: The created campaign will be listed in the Approve Center list, click the Request# go to detail page, internal users who have access can review and approve the campaign.
  10. Keyword Analytics is added for reference.
Updated on July 23, 2021

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