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Customer Payment Chargebacks

When a buyer contacts their credit card company to request a chargeback, the credit card company will contact Newegg to request details about the transaction. If the chargeback is due to any fraudulent payment related reason, Newegg will handle the investigation and respond to credit card company. However if the chargeback is due to any product, shipping, or service related reasons, In turn, Newegg will contact seller via email to request additional information on the transaction to support Newegg to dispute the chargeback on seller’s behalf.

Seller would have two options once receiving this email from Newegg: 1) issue an immediate refund in full by using RMA refund function on seller portal and confirm back to Newegg the refund has been issued; 2) represent your case to credit card company via Newegg by providing Newegg investigator with all relevant information regarding your transaction in question. Either option, seller must respond to Newegg within 3 business days, or credit card company may decide in favor of the chargeback in which case seller account is debited on the transaction. Seller should always reply to any additional requests for information without omission within the time frame stated in the request from Newegg.

In case seller choose to represent your case to credit card company via Newegg, seller should always include follow information in the response to Newegg investigator:

  • Provide the shipping date, the shipping method used, and any tracking information. If the buyer claims they received an item that is materially different from what they saw on the website, we might request information about the item.
  • Include any correspondence you might have had with the buyer in your response to our notification.
  • Include as much information as possible in your initial response. If you don’t provide a sufficient response, don’t adhere to the Newegg Seller Agreement or Newegg Marketplace Policies, or the card issuer decides in favor of the cardholder, Newegg will debit the chargeback amount from your seller account.

An Newegg investigator reviews the information provided, creates supporting documentation, and submits it to the issuing bank on your behalf. We will contact you if further information is required. In some cases, Newegg would issue full refund to customer on seller’s behalf to revert the chargeback if the initial response from seller is missing critical information or initial response is not received within required time frame.

The final outcome can take up to 90 days (or longer in rare cases) from the date the charge was represented to the issuing bank. Such outcome will be reflected on your seller account transaction report, if you are financially responsible for the chargeback.

If seller feels that you were debited for a chargeback in error, contract seller support team. Newegg will review your dispute. However, in the majority of cases, the issuing bank’s decision is final and there is no recourse to appeal that decision.

Updated on March 10, 2020

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