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Firearms, Weapons, and Knives Policy

Policy Overview

This clarifies the Prohibited Items List item of “firearms and weapons (including but not limited to switchblade knives, butterfly knives, guns, gun parts, gun kits, ammunition, mace, pepper spray, black powder, and explosives)”

Additional Requirements

Airsoft, replica, or other imitation firearms

The product description must contain a disclaimer that airsoft firearms are required to have the tip (1/4 inch) of the barrel permanently colored in blaze orange. All images of the firearm that show the tip of the barrel must show the tip (1/4 inch) colored in blaze orange. All airsoft, replica, and imitation firearms must meet all of these criteria:

  • Restricted:
    • The product description contains a disclaimer that airsoft firearms are required to have the tip (1/4 inch) of the barrel permanently colored in blaze orange.
    • The actual SKU must have permanent orange barrel markings.  Fake or temporary markings are insufficient.
    • They can’t be converted to shoot lethal projectiles
    • All images of ammunition magazines must show that it isn’t a magazine for a real firearm
    • All images showing the tip of the barrel must show the tip (1/4 inch) colored in blaze orange
    • All images of a firearm must show that it isn’t real.  You can do this by showing the scale of the firearm, modifying the image to clearly show it is not real, or including text in the image such as “Airsoft” or “Toy gun”.
    • All textual description must make it clear that the item is not a real firearm
  • Not Allowed:
    • Paintball cannons
    • Any replica firearms that do not have permanent orange barrel markings.
    • Parts and accessories for replica assault weapons, including airsoft or imitation firearms that are based on actual assault weapons.
    • Replica guns that were made by converting real guns, even if you can’t convert them back to a working gun
    • Silencers for airsoft guns, replica guns, or other imitation firearms


Any live ammunition and ammunition components are strictly prohibited, excepting a few allowances.

  • Allowed:
    • Ammunition for BB guns, pellet guns, paintball guns, or airsoft guns
    • Plastic, polymer, rubber, or wooden bullets or ammunition
    • Snap caps
  • Restricted:
    • Empty ammunition boxes.  The product description must state that it doesn’t contain ammunition
    • Reloading equipment and weaponsmithing tools are allowed, but only if they cannot be used for assault weapons
  • Not allowed:
    • Converted brass (also known as trench art)
    • Blank ammunition
    • Cartridges, casings, shells, or hulls
    • Dummy ammunition
    • Gunpowder or primers
    • Inert ammunition
    • Live ammunition rounds
    • Anything not specified in the “allowed” or “restricted” sections

Assault Weapons

Assault weapons and assault weapons parts are strictly prohibited. This is not an exhaustive list of prohibitions.

  • Not allowed:
    • Diagrams of assault weapons that could possibly be used to build or convert firearms\
    • Manuals, books, or instructional materials for assault weapons
    • Accessories that fit a variety of firearms, including assault weapons. The content descriptions cannot mention any assault weapon compatibility
    • Any weapon defined as an assault weapon by federal or California law
    • Bayonets
    • Blueprints, milling, or forging specifications for assault weapons
    • Flash suppressors
    • Grenade launchers
    • Instructions or blueprints on how to convert a semi-automatic to a fully automatic weapon
    • Any item identified as a part for an assault weapon or as an accessory for an assault weapon
    • Listings for gun parts that don’t specify the kinds of weapons the parts are used for
    • Receivers or frames for assault weapons, regardless of whether they’re complete receivers and frames, components and parts of receivers and frames, or “cut” or 80%” receivers

BB guns, pellet guns, air rifles, or air pistols

BB guns, pellet guns, air rifles, air pistols, or any guns considered weapons by the State of California.

  • Restricted:
    • You can use the word “BB” only to describe ammunition for a BB Airsoft guns that aren’t considered air rifles. Airsoft guns must comply with requirements specified elsewhere gun
  • Not allowed:
    • Air rifles and air pistols
    • BB guns
    • Pellet guns
    • Pop guns
    • Any gun that is typically used to shoot a metal projectile

Explosives, grenades, and military ordnance

Such items are strictly prohibited.  We also do not allow military items or military-issued items of any sort.

Firearms & Accessories

Actual firearms are prohibited.  We allow some firearm parts and accessories only under certain restrictions.

  • Allowed:
    • Magazine holders, speed loaders, stripper clips, or moon clips
    • Books, manuals, or instructional materials about firearms
    • Butt plates, cases, cleaning supplies, dies, grips, holsters, molds, racks, pistol grips, scopes, slings, stocks, storage cases, or trigger guards
  • Restricted:
    • Magazines.  High capacity magazines are not allowed.  High capacity as defined by federal or State of California laws
  • Not allowed:
    • Gun-making, gun-building, or gun-conversion kits
    • Any kit or set of SKUs, however incomplete it may be, that could be used for gun-making, gun-building, or gun-conversions
    • Caliber conversion parts, information, or blueprints
    • Spear guns, including non-pneumatic spear guns
    • En block clips, barrels, bolts, choke tubes, cylinders, firing pins, hammers, slides, trigger assemblies
    • Muzzle loader or black powder gun parts or accessories
    • High capacity magazines as defined by federal or State of California laws
    • Firearms regardless of their ability to fire, hold old they are, or status as collectibles
    • Firearm frames, including grip frames
    • Firearm receivers, including parts, upper or lower, “cut” or “80%” receivers
    • Flash suppressors
    • Powerheads, stick guns, or their equivalents
    • Sears
    • Silencers
    • Starter pistols or blank guns, regardless of their markings
    • Zip guns

Hand Weapons

Most hand weapons are prohibited. 

  • Allowed:
    • Instruction or training manuals on how to use hand weapons
    • Wooden or foam-padded practice swords
  • Restricted:
    • Training or practice batons, night sticks, nunchakus, tonfas or other martial arts weapons are permitted if they are made of rubber foam, dense foam, or foam with plastic interior tubes–you must specify these details in the product description.  However, weapons that are foam padded or foam with a metal interior are not allowed.
  • Not allowed:
    • Brass knuckles, including those made from other materials.
    • Knives with raised knuckle guards or knuckle dusters
    • Leaded canes, crutches, staffs, or sticks
    • Nightsticks, billy clubs, war clubs, batons, PR 24s, Monadnock batons, ASPs, tonfas, truncheons, and similar items
    • Nunchakus (aka. nunchucks or numchuks), chain sticks, or two-section staffs
    • Sansetsukon or three-section staffs
    • Saps, sand clubs, sandbags, slung shots, or blackjacks
    • Concealed batons


See below for more details.  Any knives that are concealed are prohibited.

  • Allowed:
    • Books, information materials, and training on Shurikenjutsu
    • Machete
    • Oversized balisong knives – the kind that requires 2 hands to open
    • Tactical daggers
    • Kitchen knives
  • Restricted:
    • Spring-assisted knives. There has to be a manual to manual movement of the blade. The thumb stud, screw, or finger notch is clearly visible on the blade. The website short title must also specify that it is a spring-assisted knife.
    • Training or practice throwing stars that are made of resin and are not sharp enough to penetrate through the body
    • Swords. Bladed swords are allowed only if they are collector’s items or are known to be used only for decoration
  • Not allowed:
    • Butterfly knives
    • Switchblade knives
    • Parts for switchblades
    • Practice balisong or butterfly knives
    • Balisong knives
    • Dual-action knives
    • Gravity knives
    • Hidden or disguised knives such as air gauge knives, belt buckle knives, lipstick case knives, or writing pen knives
    • Out-the-front (OTF) knives
    • Paratrooper knives
    • Push knives (a.k.a. push daggers, punch daggers, punch knives, push dirks, and T-handled knives)
    • Replica or imitation switchblades
    • Shuriken
    • Sword canes
    • Throwing stars, ninja stars, throwing cards, Batman symbols, Throwing knives, or Cyclone knives

Other Weapons

Miscellaneous weapons have some restrictions.

  • Allowed:
    • Blowgun darts
    • Bows and arrows
    • Crossbows
    • Information or instructions on how to make a potato gun
    • Paintball blowguns
    • Slingshots
    • Spud pistols
  • Not allowed:
    • Pepper Spray, disguised pepper spray, or mace
    • Blow guns
    • Dart guns
    • Flare guns or flares
    • Potato guns such as bazookas, cannons, or launchers
    • Tear gas

Stun Guns

Stun guns are strictly prohibited.  Only holsters for stun guns are permitted.

Updated on November 1, 2019

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