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Function Overview

Newegg Marketplace Seller Portal provides a way for sellers to monitor and manage their business activities for Newegg platforms. This section addresses the general layout of the portal and the tabs and other types of information about the portal.

Available platform: Newegg.com, Neweggbusiness.com, Newegg.ca


1. The logo of the current platform that sellers are working on, either Newegg.comNeweggbusiness.com, or Newegg.ca Marketplace.

2.  Membership level logo, there is Standard, Professional, Enterprise.  Click here to learn more about it. Note: no logo will be displayed for Standard level.

3.  Icons:

Send Newegg Marketplace a feedback for your issues or concerns. Please be at function that you have feedback for, a screenshot will be taken for better understanding.

Web Push Notification provides immediate notice from Newegg even if Newegg Seller Portal is not currently open in your browser. Supported browsers is Chrome and Firefox only, all other browsers can’t use this new feature.

Setup Web Push Notification:

  1. Click the icon to get started.
  2. Allow the browser to accept the notification. To allow notification click HERE at feature page. This feature has Current Browser notification status:
    • Undermined = browser has not accepted notice
    • Allowed = browser has accepted notice
    • Blocked = browser will block notice
  3. Check or uncheck the applicable notifications:
    • New Order Notification
    • Order Auto-Void Reminder
    • New Return Request Notification
    • Unread Customer Message Notification
    • New Customer Claim Notification
    • More notice types will be added in the future
  4. For each enabled notice, sellers may select the frequency per hour that the notices will be pushed to browser, select accordingly.
  5. Click SAVE SETTINGS to update. 
  6. Notifications will be displayed on the right-bottom of screen as seen below, click notification form to open related Seller Portal page and display the records automatically. 

Switch to Newegg.comNeweggbusiness.com, or Newegg.ca platforms.

View/Reply customer messages.

Translate seller portal to English or Chinese.

View the help guide of Seller Portal.

View the current account or sign out from Seller Portal.

4.  The function that sellers are in Seller Portal. By default when logging to Seller Portal, sellers are directed to the Summary page.

5.  The breadcrumbs of Seller Portal. Allow sellers to keep track of their locations within Seller Portal. By clicking on the star icon, sellers can enable or disable the favorite function for certain functions for quick access.

Navigation Bar


1. Icons:

Goes back previously visited function in seller portal.

Refresh current Seller Portal view for updated content, if any.

Go back to default landing page Summary.

List favorite function, that has been starred, quickly navigate to function.

2. Search function: Searches for function in Newegg Seller Portal using keywords. Enter the exact function name or part of it. The result returns the related functions with the keyword highlighted.

3. The navigation of functions:

– Manage Account: Access account, shipping, data feed, or vacation settings.

– Manage Items: View, create and update item information.

– Manage Order: Processing orders and returns, create SBN multi-channel orders and create pre-orders.

– Manage Promotion: Create and manage promotions.

– Manage Message: Communication with customers.

– Manage Claims: Manage customer claims.

– Manage Store: Promote products in seller’s dedicated storefront.

– Business Report: Reporting of operations and financial information.

– Other Reports: Additional reports for SBN sellers.

– Add-on Services: Additional service to enhance sellers business.

– Newegg Seller Site directs to site information.

1. Policies and agreement for Newegg Marketplace sellers. Please review accordingly:

  • Content Policy: All items sold on Newegg platforms must follow our content policy and guidelines.
  • Policy & Agreement: The complete copy of the seller agreement of sign-up with Newegg.
  • Privacy Policy: Newegg carefully protects customers and sellers personal information. Our privacy policy describes how your information is used.

2. Recent account login activity was designed to protect the seller’s privacy and account information:

  • Last Login display the time of the last login for the current user email address.
  • Details review the last 10 login recent activities: 
    • The last 10 IP addresses and approximate locations that accessed the current account.
    • Date/Time, the timestamp for each access, based on the user’s local time.
    • There is 5-10 minutes delay for refreshing the latest activity.
    • The latest activity will not be displayed until the next login session. For example, you login at 9:00am and log off at 9:30am. You login again at 10:00am. Your 9:00am history will not be displayed during the time between 9:00am to 9:30am. It will be displayed after login at 10:00am.

If sellers spot any unusual activities, please do the following:


Updated on July 1, 2019

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