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Review how many returns had been received by Newegg RMA warehouse. In addition, view how many items are transferred back to inventory for re-sell (SBN only), or how many items are returned to the seller, and how many items are disposed of.  Please take note of the fields:

  • Received Date: Newegg facility received RMA package back from the customer.
  • Original Order#: The original Newegg order # for seller’s reference. Seller’s may review the order details via Manage Order.
  • Original Return#: The original Return (RMA) # Newegg generated. Seller’s may reference the RMA details via Return List.
  • Process Date: The date of returned items processed by Newegg facility based on the different type of process.
    • Type of process:
      • Return to Seller: Item(s) are returned to the seller.
      • Inventory Transfer (SBN Only): If the item(s) from RMA is un-opened, Newegg facility will transfer it back to the warehouse for re-sell.  This option is only available for SBN items.
      • Disposal: Item(s) in Newegg’s facility will be destroyed at the seller’s request.
  • Process ID: The processing reference# for Newegg facility returning items to the seller.

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  1. Seller Portal > Other Reports > Newegg Return Service Reports
  2. Select any relevant options to narrow the search or leave at default, click SEARCH to view the list.
  3. [Optional] To export the list to MS Excel file, click the icon: exportall.jpg

Updated on July 1, 2019

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