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Website Short Title Policy & Guidelines

Website short titles are the titles that appear on the product pages and in search results. Website short titles are one of the most important pieces of content for customers because it tells them what the SKU is. Therefore it is essential that sellers are more conscientious about the website’s short title. Many times a customer may only read the website short title and glance at the SKU image before making a decision on whether it is an item they may want to purchase. Website short titles that are less readable or do not clearly communicate what the SKU has a much lower chance of being purchased.

Must Do:

  1. Keep it short. Only include enough information for the customer to determine what the item is
  2. Proper capitalization, spelling, and punctuation
  3. Use special syntax and characters such as parentheses, backslashes, dashes, and plus signs sparingly and only when necessary
  4. Adhere to our Offensive Content Policy

Nice to Do:

  1. Include the brand name or manufacturer name
  2. Include manufacturer part number
  3. Include size/color/class or any other key distinctive information except if you are grouping
  4. Avoid excessive punctuation
  5. Include the following information in the title in the most logical order:  [Brand/Manufacturer Name] [Model #] [Product Name] [Most important feature]
  6. Include compatibility information, but it must adhere to our specifications on compatibility. See our section on compatibility

Must Not Do:

  1. Do not include product information that is more appropriate for the product description such as a list of features, packaging/shipping information or long descriptive information
  2. ALL CAPS are prohibited except for the manufacturer/brand name and acronyms
  3. Do not include vague words such as “beautiful,”  “unique,” “lovely,” “new”, “more”, etc
  4. No synonyms or redundant words to describe the item.  For example, “Battle Ship Boat” and “Remote Control RC Helicopter” is prohibited
  5. Do not include shipping information
  6. Do not include information that is applicable to a specific seller.  For example, “sold by NeweggStore123”
  7. Do not include promotional or marketing information
  8. Do not use unnecessary syntax or punctuation
  9. Do not include the condition of the SKU by using words such as “Refurbished,”  “Recertified,”  “Remanufactured,” “Reconditioned” “New
  10. Refrain from using undescriptive titles
  11. Do not create incomplete titles
  12. Do not include any price information

Please click here to view Must Not Do Examples and Good Title Examples.

Updated on October 31, 2019

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