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Marketplace Seller Return Request Process Guidelines

Effective Day: March 3, 2020

Return Policy

Seller must ensure return policies have been set to meet or exceed Newegg’s Standard Return Policies:

Return Period

Seller must offer minimum return period of 30 calendar days from the invoice date for refund or replacement Return requests.

Return Request Processing Time

All Return requests must be processed within 5 business days after returned product is received.

Return Address and Contact Information

Seller shall review and update return address to ensure return address is accurate in order to receive products returned by customer. If any additional fee incurred and billed to Newegg due to incorrect return address, seller will be held responsible for the additional fee.

Seller shall also constantly review and update contact information including phone number and email address to ensure all inquiries from customer can be received and handled promptly.

Return Shipping Label Fee Rule

Seller is required to use a Newegg Return shipping label and will be responsible for the cost of the return shipping label for the following return reasons: Damage, Defective, Item Did Not Match What We Show, and Sent Wrong Item. Cost of return shipping label will be added to seller’s account balance and will be displayed as “Return Shipping Label Fee” in Seller Portal under Business Report > Payment Report > Transaction Details.

Return Shipping Label Fee Calculation

Seller shall make sure accurate product dimensions are provided in Seller Portal since return shipping label fee is calculated based on product dimension and weight Seller provided while creating product listing. If additional return shipping label fee is incurred and billed by shipping carrier to Newegg due to incorrect dimension or incorrect weight, Seller will be responsible for the additional return shipping label fee regardless of which return reason is selected by customer.

Restocking Fee Rule

  • Seller can charge restocking of up to 15% of product unit price for the following return reasons: Item Incompatible, Item No Longer Needed, Product Dissatisfaction, and Ordered Wrong Item. If customer selected “No Longer Needed” as return reason due to seller’s failure or delay in fulfilling customer order, then seller cannot charge any restocking fee. Please note, all orders must be processed within 48 hours (weekends and holiday are excluded)
  • Seller cannot charge any restocking for the following return reasons: Damage, Defective, Item Did Not Match What We Show, and Sent Wrong Item.

Edit/Reject Return Request

In case of the condition of a returned product does not match the return reason selected by customer or returned product quantity does not match what customer specified, seller can edit an return request after the returned product is received and inspected. Seller must provide reason for editing an Return request in “Return Memo” in Seller Portal. Seller shall also provide additional information such as picture or inspection result of the returned product to customer after return detail is changed to avoid possible dispute from customer.

Seller cannot reject any return request prior to receiving and inspecting the returned product. If Seller is rejecting an return request after inspecting returned product, reject reason along with tracking number for sending rejected product back to customer must be provided in “Return Memo” in Seller Portal. Additional supporting documentation for rejecting RMA shall be provided to customer to explain why an return request is rejected.  Seller will be responsible for shipping cost for sending rejected product back to customer unless a return request is rejected due to product returned by customer is not the original product that was sold, returned product is not in original condition, or returned product is missing accessories, manual, warranty registration card, etc.

Exceptions for Online Return Request

Online return request function will not be available for customer and customer will be guided to contact seller directly for return request for product orders shipped by seller with below conditions:

  • Damaged Product
  • Large and Heavy Product
    • Weighing more than 150 lbs
    • With package length exceeding 95”
    • With package length + girth exceeding 129”
  • Any product with combined return shipping label fee and restocking fee is equal to or
    greater than the product unit price
  • Any product sold and shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or any US territories outside of the
    continental United States

Seller must assist customer to process return request including but not limited to issuing return request, providing return shipping label, filing shipping claim against carrier for damaged product, or schedule pick up for large and heave product return. Depending on return reason, customer may be qualified for free return shipping label.

If seller is contacted by customer to return any product which is not qualified for an return
request, seller will have sole discretion to determine if this type of product return can be

If you have any additional questions about these guidelines please contact us directly by completing the short form.

    Updated on Feb 18, 2020