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Seller Portal Enhancements 3/11/2021

Reduce pricing errors with our new Deal Submission Form

Enhancements have been made to the Marketplace Deals Submission Form to help sellers avoid any SKU pricing errors. Preset formulas will now display final prices after all applied rebates to minimize common errors.

Access the form through your Seller Portal account. Fill it out and notify your Category and Merchandising managers. As always, please check final prices before submitting the form.

Please reach out to your assigned category management and merchandising team members for more information.

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Country of Origin is Now Required

Don’t forget it’s now required to fill out the Country of Origin field when activating new listings. To update existing items, simply log into your Seller Portal account and include this information. This ensures your listings aren’t negatively impacted when the next content update happens.

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Bullet Point Description is Now Required

Your customers want to have an engaging and informative shopping experience. To help foster that, we’re requiring brief product highlights within bullet point section to enrich the listing and help increase the customer’s ability to find your products.

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