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Multi-Channel Order fulfillment function is only available for sellers using Shipped by Newegg (SBN) service. Order’s from other sales channels to fulfill order’s via Newegg, sellers will have the option to submit a Multi-Channel Order requests and Newegg team will ship the item(s) accordingly.

Available platform:,


  1. Seller Portal > Manage Order > Create Multi-Channel order (SBN Management only)
    • Single request, go to step 2
    • Batch request, go to step 3
  2. Single request:
    1. Fill out the shipping information for Newegg to ship the order.
      • To require a signature on delivery of the package then check the box to enable.  If the box is left unchecked then no signature is required.  Note: this option only selectable when the Shipping Method has been selected.
    2. Add SBN item(s) to the shipping content of the order by clicking ADD ITEM(S).
    3. Finalize click CONFIRM AND CREATE ORDER.
  3. Batch request:
    1. Click BATCH CREATE MULTI-CHANNEL ORDER to move forward.
    2. Download template:
      1. Template: MultiChannelOrder feed
      2. Select Template File Type:
        • For new seller’s using data feed templates we recommend to use Microsoft Excel Format, it provides more information such as InstructionsBasic Item Info – Definitions, and/or Detail Item Info – Values sheets.
      3. Save the template to local drive.
    3. Open template:
      • Highlighted do not remove/update/modify the column and sheet names, doing so will cause the upload to fail.
      • Refer to the Instructions sheet for definitions, accepted values, and requirements.
      • Fill out the shipping information and SBN item(s) information for Newegg to ship the order.
      • To require a signature on delivery of the package then input Regular under SignatureOptions.  If blank then no signature is required.
      • Save the template.
    4. Uploading template:
      1. Upload File tab selected.
      2. Click Select files… to upload the file from local drive.
      3. Click UPLOAD FILES
    5. Uploaded File Status and History:
      1. By default, Newegg provides the last 3 days of upload.  Adjust filter accordingly if checking for later days.
      2. Periodically click REFRESH LIST to update Status.
      3. Status with Completed, Failed, or Completed with errors notices the upload has completed.  Click View Details to check the reason for failed/error.


Updated on May 7, 2021

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