Membership Upgrade

After signup with Newegg Marketplace, your membership will default to Non-Elite.  Upgrading your membership to either Professional or Enterprise will provide more access to tools/functions in Seller Portal.


  • Your membership will be renewed each month.
  • Your initial enrollment in a Professional or Enterprise membership is 6 months with risk-free cancellation thereafter.
  • Please contact Newegg Marketplace Seller Service team to cancel/downgrade membership.

Available platform:,,


  1. Seller Portal > Manage Account > Membership Settings
  2. For more details about each feature, please mouse-over the “?” next to it.
  3. Click button under the program to enroll. 
  4. Add all applicable information:
    • Enter your payment information and review the terms and conditions.
    • Confirm by checking the box I acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions of participation in the Newegg Elite Seller Program to accept the terms.
    • Click SUBMIT to complete the upgrade.   
Updated on May 20, 2021

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