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Marketplace Chargeback Guide

Welcome to the Newegg Marketplace Chargeback Guide! Here you’ll find what you need to provide us with to fight your customer’s chargeback. If you’re new to the Chargeback process, please read the “How does a Chargeback work?” section below. When you’re ready to get started, please select your chargeback reason code from the following:

Chargeback Reason Codes

How does a Chargeback work?

A chargeback occurs when a customer contacts their bank to dispute a transaction and receive a refund. The payment is immediately refunded to the customer when they file the chargeback. The customer can be trying to resolve an issue with an order or they may be making fraudulent claims. Please note we are not in direct communication with the customer. All claims are processed through the payment provider over a designated timeframe. Typically, the chargeback remains open for up to 90 days before the card issuer states their final judgement.

What should the Seller do?

If our Chargeback Team requests additional information, a seller should reply as soon as possible to improve our chances of reversing the financial institution’s decision.

1) If you approve of the refund just let us know and we can accept the chargeback on your behalf.

2) If you want to try and win the money back, reply to the chargeback notification email with your relevant transaction details and documents. Please see which evidence is suggested for each chargeback reason, as the needs may vary. Newegg will then use the order details to make a compelling argument and explain why the customer should not be refunded.

Risk of Loss

The card issuers can side with the customer if they feel the argument we provided did not completely address the customer’s complaint. Customers are also able to oppose the card issuer’s decision and request the decision be overturned. In this case, Newegg will not be able to refund the chargeback amount to your Seller account. The chargeback will be reflected on the Seller account transaction report if the Seller is financially responsible for the chargeback.

Account Support

If a Seller feels that they were debited for a chargeback in error, they can contact Newegg’s Seller Support team with any questions.

Updated on March 15, 2021

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