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Prohibited Items List

We expect all sellers to ensure that all their SKUs are compliant with government regulations at the federal, state or provincial, and local level. This includes both the State of California as well as the state in which the customer and the seller reside. Sellers are responsible for keeping aware of any changes to these government regulations and ensuring their SKUs remain in compliance.

Prohibited Items that need further clarification will have expanded sections you can click and link to, which details the items that are Allowed, Restricted, and Not allowed.

SKUs that do not fall within the definition or scope of any Marketplace subcategory as given by the subcategory name and its “type” property values as specified in our Taxonomy are also prohibited. If clarification is needed, please contact your Marketplace Account Representative.

Prohibited Items
Adult & Sexuality – Any Products Associated With Sexuality Including But Not Limited To Toys, Vibrators, Lubricants, Intimate Care, Furniture, Condoms, Contraception, Sexual Aids, Or Sensual/Romance, Pornography In Any Form Of Media, Adult Novelty Products. Vitamins, Minerals, And Supplements Are Allowed.
Alcohol beverages (including non-alcoholic beer)
Animal And Wildlife Products. Live Animals, Parts, Pelts, Skins, Mounted Specimens, Taxidermy, Fur, Ivory, Bone, Organs, Claws, Teeth, Shells, Eggs, Insects, And Bear Products Are All Prohibited. Some Animal Products That Are Allowed But With Restrictions Include Leather, Silk, Fish Oil, Down, And Animal Traps. Please Contact Newegg Marketplace Support At Marketplacesupport@Newegg.Com If You Have Any Questions.
Artifacts, Grave-Related Items, And Native American Arts And Crafts
Automobiles, Motorcycles, Or Scooters Requiring Registration
Cell Phone (Wireless) Service Contracts
Charity And Fundraising
Clothing, Used
Cosmetics, Used
Counterfeit Items
Counterfeit Currency And Stamps
Credit Or Debit Cards
Currency, Selling
Documents, Manuals, Ids, Licenses, Uniforms, Or Other Materials Manufactured or Distributed By Transportation Industries
Embargoed Goods From Prohibited Countries Currently Listed By The U.S. Office Of Foreign Assets Control OR the Government of Canada.
Endangered or threatened species. Any products derived from endangered or threatened species as identified by the United States Fish & Wildlife Service OR the Canadian Border Services Agency are prohibited. Examples include, but are not limited to, ivory, shark, tiger, whale, rhinoceros, dolphin, staghorn, elkhorn, coral, marine, and tortoise products. Please contact Newegg Marketplace Support at Marketplacesupport@Newegg.com if you have any questions.
Event Tickets
Firearms And Weapons (Including But Not Limited To Switchblade Knives, Butterfly Knives, Guns, Gun Parts, Gun Kits, Ammunition, Mace, Pepper Spray, Black Powder, Stun Guns And Explosives)
Firewood Or Lumber (Not Including Artificial Or Manufactured Fire logs)
Fireworks & Pyrotechnical Devices
Government Documents, Ids, And Licenses Including Those From Transportation Industries
Human Remains And Body Parts
Illegal And/or Prescription Drugs – Illegal Drug Paraphernalia, Or Materials Describing How To Make Illegal Drugs, Including E-Cigarettes And Vaporizers Used For Marijuana, CBD, Narcotics, Steroids, And All Other Controlled Substances including Tobacco products.
Importation of goods into the USA or Canada – Prohibited Items include items that were intended only for distribution in a certain country.
International Trading Items Must Comply With All Applicable Importing, Exporting By International Trading Embargoed / Laws.
Items Encouraging Illegal Activity – Examples Include An E-book Describing How To Create Methamphetamine 
Lock picking Devices
Lottery Tickets
Mailing Lists And Personal Information
Manufacturers’ Coupons
Medical Devices – Examples Include Contact Lenses, Pacemakers, And Surgical Instruments 
Military Ordinance
Multi-Level Marketing, Pyramid, And Matrix Programs
Offensive Material – Examples Include Ethnically Or Racially Offensive Material And Nazi Memorabilia 
Police-Related Items
Political Memorabilia (Reproduction)
Prohibited Services
Real Estate
Recalled Items
Shipping-Related Items such as U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Mailbags OR Canada Post Mailbags.
Signal Jamming (A.K.A. Signal Blockers) Designed To Block, Jam, Or Interfere With Authorized Radio Communications Such As Cell Phones, GPS, Police Radar, And Wi-Fi As Specified By U.S. Law. More Information Can Be Found On The FCC Website At http://www.fcc.Gov/encyclopedia/jammer-enforcement
Signal jamming (a.k.a. signal blockers) designed to block, jam, or interfere with authorized radio communications such as cell phones, GPS, police radar, and Wi-Fi as specified by Canadian Law. More information can be found on the Government of Canada website at https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/smt-gst.nsf/eng/sf10048.html
Stocks And Other Securities
Stolen Property And Property With Removed Serial Numbers

Radio-Frequency Devices

In the US, the FCC regulates radio frequency (RF) devices contained in electronic-electrical products that are capable of emitting radio frequency energy by radiation, conduction, or other means. These products have the potential to cause interference to radio services operating in the radio frequency range of 9 kHz to 3000 GHz. As a general rule, products that, by design, contain circuitry that operates in the radio frequency spectrum need to demonstrate compliance using the applicable FCC equipment authorization procedure (i.e., Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) or Certification) as specified in the FCC rules depending on the type of device. RF devices are required to be properly authorized under 47 CFR § 2.803 prior to being marketed or imported into the United States.

An FCC ID is required for all applicable RF devices.

For more information, please go to https://www.fcc.gov/engineering-technology/laboratory-division/general/equipment-authorization.

In Canada, all radio-communications, interference-causing equipment, and telecommunications devices are subject to regulation. Applicable devices must be certified for the Canadian market and properly labeled in order to be marketed or imported into Canada.

For more information, please go to http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/ceb-bhst.nsf/eng/h_tt00082.html, and reference the fact sheet here, or here for a French language version.

Products that do not meet these regulations are prohibited for sale and Newegg reserves the right to remove any product listing which has been identified as being in violation of applicable laws or regulations.

As a Newegg Marketplace Seller, it is your obligation to ensure that the products that you sell on Newegg’s Marketplace are in compliance. You are encouraged to check with your product vendors and manufacturers to find out whether the products you list meets the requirements of applicable regulations.

Updated on August 6, 2021

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