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Seller Account Registration

Newegg Marketplace one stop sign up registration process.

Apply to Sell on Newegg Marketplace

You can either receive an invite to apply by CM OR you may apply at Newegg.com site.

  • Seller portal invite email
  • Apply directly at Newegg.com, click here.

Create Newegg Customer Account

Newegg Seller Portal uses a Newegg customer account for user login.  Note:  The initial user of the account setup will be the ADMIN.

  • Create a Newegg customer account, if you don’t have an existing Newegg customer account then create one under Sign up to setup the account and start the registration process.
  • If you have an existing Newegg customer account. Click Log in tab and enter user account info and password to start the registration process.

Seller Introduction

The Introduction information will be shown on Newegg Seller Portal for CM review.  Note: If you have a seller account on the platform (for example, Newegg.com), the existing seller ID will be shown.

  • Fill in all the required information on the page.
  • Read the Terms & Conditions then click Agree and Continue to move forward.


Seller Registration

Once you have you agreed to the Terms & Conditions, enter your business information.

  • Fill in the required information for the specified platform (i.e.Newegg.com, Neweggbusiness.com, or Newegg.ca).
  • Click Next to complete. Note:  System will prompt to register a different platform and automatically fill in the same company information, if applicable, to the next platform registration page.
  • If you will continue to register a different platform, fill and/or update the required information.
  • If all the platform registration is completed then click SUBMIT.
  • Enter the Signee Information, click OK & CONTINUE to finalize the registration application.




Updated on October 13, 2020

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