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Update Return Policy and Info

Sellers can define their return service information (return address and contact person, return service phone number, allowable return period, and restocking fee) for enabled countries. Sellers can also input their return policy details, which will be displayed on the seller store page.

If sellers are using the Shipped by Newegg (SBN) services, Newegg will help process customer returns.  Newegg will direct all customer returns to our return center located in Whittier, California, in the U.S. To learn more about the benefits of SBN service, please review SBN FAQ.

Available platform: Newegg.com


  1. Seller Portal > Manage Account > Shipping Settings > click NEXT until Return Policy and Info reached.
  2. Shipping Destination:
    • [Optional] click Hide completed setting. Show only countries where return policy has not been completed.
    • [Optional] search for specific countries.
    • The country with no check mark equals no return policy, you will need to complete to move forward.
    • Select the country to update.
  3. Return Request, for Shipped by Seller (SBS)  warehouse, seller’s can choose to receive customer’s return requests via Newegg, which will populate a return request in Seller Portal. This is a free service.
    • Yes: Customers will be able to apply return requests for seller’s items on Newegg.com instead of contacting seller’s customer service.  Only option for shipments outside of the USA.
    • No: Customers will contact seller’s customer service for return request of items.
  4. Set Customer Return Address:
    • Return to Shipper: Returns will be sent to the order fulfillment center’s return address.  Option no longer available it will be removed in a future update.
    • Local Return Address: Returns will be shipped back to a local warehouse in return address.
    • Newegg Return Service: Newegg provides value-added service for all return requests. Review Newegg Return Service to learn more about this service.  Only option for shipments outside of the USA.
  5. Set Customer Service Info and Return Policy:
    • Set Customer Service Phone#, Customer Service Email, Default Refund Period, Default Replacement Period, and Default Restocking Fee.
    • Enter Return Policy information.
    • [Optional] Seller’s may select a completed return policy of any country and COPY it to the current country that has not been completed, all information/settings will be copied accordingly.
    • [Optional] APPLY NEWEGG PREDEFINED RETURN POLICY for default notice.
  6. Set Policy for New & Refurbished Items:
    • Set Default Refund Period, Default Replacement Period, and Max Restocking Fee.
    • [Optional] Click the link to view/update policy for specific subcategory.
  7. Set Policy for Used Items:
    • The option is available if the country is applicable to list used products.
    • Set Default Refund Period, Default Replacement Period, and Max Restocking Fee.
    • [Optional] Click the link to view/update policy for specific subcategory. 
  8. [Optional] Conveniently apply current policy settings to other countries.
    • Select countries and APPLY
  9. Click NEXT to move forward to each section and at Shipping Rate, click SAVE to update Shipping Settings.
Updated on July 7, 2021

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